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Newaukum Wild
Biodynamic Skincare

Wilderness Perfume

Breathe. Absorb. Connect.

Bioregional & Seasonal 


Artisan Made

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Check out the curated and locally handcrafted offerings available.

Herbal Elixers

Artisan Soaps


Herbal Salves & Lotions




Bath Soaks

Herbs & Tea

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River Roots has a focus on locally grown herbs that have been shown to help soothe & restore our overly stimulated nervous systems. Each tea blend is formulated with a functional purpose in mind. There is a selection of bulk herbs, health elixirs and small batch tinctures available.

BYOJ (Bring your own jar) for a 10% Discount!

Skill Share Classes

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Community led Skill Share Classes are a fun way to learn a new skill while connecting with other like minded people. Taking on new skills can help you become more resilient for yourself, your family and community.


Private group classes are fun way to mix things up with your friends. We can blend herbal bath soaks, chat about lymphatic health while blending body oils, the science and rituals of tea blending and brewing, nutrient dense herbal salt mixing etc. Just send an email my way and we can mind meld a good time for you and your friends.

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River Roots Apothecary

7802 Silver Lake Rd.

Maple Falls, WA 98266


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